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Double knit

Once my summer holidays were almost at their end, I counted everything I had made over the past 2 or so months.

The items that I made from scratch and completed in that time are:

3 hats
2 soft toys
1 beanbag cover
2 purses
5 skirts
1 pair of shorts
2 jumpers
3 jackets and
11 dresses

Afterward I took lots of photos of these pieces on my mannequin. But my mannequin doesn’t quite have the same shape as me, so the photos are on a scale from boring to something-I-wouldn’t-even-wear-around-the-house. And for those who have seen it, I often wear some pretty weird stuff around the house.

So you will have to excuse the mannequin, and multiply the attractiveness of these clothes by about 8.

This was actually a piece I made toward the end of the holidays. I had used the skirt pattern a few times and was loving that I would be able to wear these pencil skirts with big jumpers and not look like a big blob of fabric.

My mannequin is so forgetful she lost her waistline

This was a bit of an experiment for me. Tired of being constrained by what I could find in poorly lit fabric shops or what I dug out from the back room of an op-shop (sorry Spare Room) I decided to delve in and make my own fabric.

There was also a bit of inspiration here from Project Runway. Some of the designers on that show manage to manipulate their fabric beautifully, and though it takes more time than using store-bought, I wanted to try it too.


I realised later that I was using 2 very traditional methods to make this fabric: knitting and quilting. On some huge needles I knit some pink bobble cotton my Mum had in her stash. Pink (especially this shade) would not have been my first choice, but I am pretty happy with how it worked out. This was in the rough dimensions of the skirt I had already basted together.

Then I just quilted it onto the dress in a 5cm grid.


Like it was that simple.

I’m finding it hard to tell you if this was easier or more difficult that sewing breadbags onto net, because they were both so frustrating I’ve blanked out the memories.

OK, too far the other way, let me try again.

Thankfully the bobbles in the yarn and the open knit covered the areas (most of it) where I did not adhere to the 5cm grid, so I’m hoping no-one wants to look too closely at it. It was a struggle to get the knitting to stay in place while tugging other areas to make it fit. Though I like the seamlessness of it, that only worked because the fabric I was sewing it to was a siml(ish) tube. If it was much more complicated I would want to knit and quilt the fabric, then cut out the pieces.


And of course some nice big buttons. (Which do actually work as the fasteners, no way was I going to try to put a zip in this skirt.)

Botryoidal: mineral texture where the surface of the mineral looks globular and bubbly, such as seen in hematite

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