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Brothers and unicorns

As you may or may not know, the only ‘sewing machine’ I have in my new residence is tiny one that I got for $12 at a tip shop. It has 2 speeds and only does straight stitch.

I don’t know if other creatively driven people out there get the same feeling as I do, but  if I go too long without making something I start feeling funny. I guess it’s like cabin fever, I call it creatively starved. So I find small projects to fill my time and the gaping hole in my life.

Of late this has come about in a few forms

Little crafts:

We had a girly night in recently and made friendship bracelets in our College colours. I started to do a bit of internet research and was amazed at how much the field has expanded since the craze when I was in primary school. Above is one I saw that needed a bit more time for me to figure it out.

This might lead to a bigger project that sprang into my head a few days ago, I wont tell you what it is, but hopefully I find time for it these holidays!


In my wool collection was a small ball of amazing hand-spun cream with slubs of browns, yellows and blacks. It was too small to be of much use, so I knitted it and another end of ball (pale green silk, wool and other mix, also with slubs of a paler green in it) together in a chunky beanie. I kept it dead simple, and it turned out better than I hoped.

I think one of the main reasons I don’t like wearing beanies is because they squish down my hair, making my head look so flat. This beanie has a thick brim and little ears that give it more shape.

Others loved it too and have asked me to make them one. So far I have only make one (for my brother Jerry) as I require something that they make with their own hands of a similar value in return. Jerry is very good and very into making chainmail-type pieces and made me the bracelet below.



As I’m sure you are aware I have many clothes. And many of those clothes I don’t wear. Some because I don’t have the appropriate occasion (formal, too hot, too cold), others because I have other, similar clothes that I like more. In an attempt to better my wardrobe I am altering a few things in it.


I like T-shirts and have quite a few, but I find that the high neck can be a little irritating, as well as giving me weird proportions when worn with a skirt. Last night I completed my second shirt alteration where I cut the neck lower, blanket stitched then crochet it. To the above shirt I did more crochet that on the original, as well as giving the sleeves the same treatment.

I am loving how it looks, and have been thinking of different ways of finishing off collars of cut T-shirts.


This was a jumper that belonged to a friend of mine. Unfortunately he didn’t realise that a woolen jumper isn’t the kind of thing you put in a washing machine, so now it belongs to me (because it shrank). I just wanted to add a bit more sparkle to it, so I added a few rows of beading around the cuffs.

Ongoing projects:


Above is something I planned to have as an ongoing project from its creation during the summer holidays. It is a reversible cropped jacket. This is my favourite side. The fabric I found in a Normanville op-shop, it caught my eye because the print looks as though it should be on a silk scarf. Since coming back here I have been embellishing it with cord and fancy buttons. I still, have a few more plans for it (ie add at least one pocket), but it is now at the point where it is wearable.


This I know you have seen before (because you are all avid readers who hang on my every word)….

Remember? It’s the jumper I bought from Salamanca, undid and started to knit into a dress using top down knitting?

Anyway, I picked it up again recently and have now finished the cuffs:


Now its back to the body. Depending on progress I am considering finishing it off at jumper length so I can wear it this winter, then undo the band and keep knitting it into a dress for next winter.


Such a mysterious and elusive photo right? Just like… a unicorn! That’s right, I’m making a unicorn beanie. A friend of mine is quite obsessed with unicorns and says that we will be best friends forever if I make him a unicorn beanie. More photos to come when its finished.

So that’s about it. That is my creative life of late. Of course there are many more projects in my head, but people don’t often understand what I mean when I describe them, so I’ve given up trying. Instead I wish to make them and show you my genius in the fabric.


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