A non-creative all nighter


For whatever reason (probably a mixture of many) I have had an awful time sleeping lately. Weirdly enough, so has my housemate, many the morning (or early afternoon) we can be found commiserating over our poor sleep the previous night.

I had my first exam today, will have my next 2 on Saturday, then my final one next Monday (on the second to last day of exams). So I thought I might take the chance to do an all nighter in an attempt to regain a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern.

Never before have I stayed up all night unless for the sole purpose of sewing. I’m not sure if I can make the whole time without getting distracted by making something. In fact the chances of this happening are beyond likely.

I have been reading my novel for the last 2 or so hours, with the rest of my night I plan to do a mixture of: writing my astronomy cheat sheet, doing some geology/soils revision, reading some more, organising/cleaning my room, cleaning my hard drive, maybe play some Steam games, and if I get really bored I might just go to sleep.

Happy elephants

As you can see from my astronomy notes of last week, I rarely get distracted from my studies.


We are allowed to take 2 single sided A4 pages (or equivalent) into our astronomy exam, I wrote out all my desired notes again and it came to almost 6 double-sided A4 pages. Of course this is all my normal handwriting with gaps I’m sure I will find quite shocking in an hour or so.


I’ve finished writing definitions and about the planets as well as a few other tidbits. As well as chatting to friends….. and online dress shopping. A friend was looking for a formal dress for the coming college ball while I am still on the quest for a bridesmaid dress. We were exchanging websites. I’m having trouble finding websites with dresses that fit my most basic of criteria.


After doing definitions, the sun and the planets this is what I have:

4 1/2 pages

unfortunately this is about 4 1/2 pages of my original notes. I don’t think I’m on track. I have a plan though! I am going to leave equations and constants till the end and write them around the blank borders if I have no space elsewhere.

….yeah, It’ll work right?



Bed time.


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