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The Pursuit of Fashion




The Pursuit of Fashion


The Ball Themed party come round again. This year it is games. Board games, video games, so many options. The costumes were varied, weird and wonderful as always.

Above is my before and after photo. My costume cost less than $5 this year, I think my prize for best dressed was worth more than my dress, thank you tip shop! So over the winter holidays I transformed the above black polyester 90’s formal dress into a work of art. But what game was I?


Yes indeed, I was Trivial Pursuit. We found a deck of these cards sans board at the tip shop, I couldn’t have imagined to find something so perfect. And I still have a little less than half the deck remaining.

The matching shoes and belt was a happy coincidence.

I used the excess length of the dress to make the skirt a bit more full. I wanted more of an exaggerated silhouette (and it was also a little uncomfortably tight around the hips in its original form).

The white ‘sequins’ on the bust were added because I thought the black top and white skirt were too much of a contrast. I followed the pattern that was corded on the dress, and though you can’t see this cord from a distance (because its black like the dress) the sequins still look really cool without it. And yes, these are also made from Trivial Pursuit cards.


It turned out to be another dress that is very fun to dance in, the cards move very nicely as they are only attached at one point.

Amazingly all cards were still on the dress by the end of the night, I fully expected most to have been torn or pulled off, thanks Parker Brothers!


and yes, those are also Trivial Pursuit themed accessories. I have 3 different styles of bracelet, and even added little wings to the sides of my shoes, though they aren’t shown in any of these photos.


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