The view from up in my clouds

So if you havn’t already heard, I have a kick-ass view from my room. I seriously love waking up at 7am to go to work (ok, not that bit) to see amazing sunrises over the Derwent, and going to bed with the lights of Hobart, and occasionally the moon.


Close you can see the tree that I can reach out my window, the Apartments, and the casino jutting up over the Derwent.

angry face!

Hungry sunrise!


I woke up in despair when I saw this. I couldn’t see any lights over 50m away.



But within half an hour it had become this. Look at the sun! It looks like it should be the moon.


This was taken just this morning. Of course the pink was more striking than my camera phone could ever hope to capture, but it’s still something!

You can be sure there will be many more of these to come over the year. I hope (those of you I know) get a chance to maybe even enjoy it yourself sometime.


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