Paint it weaving

To sate my apatite for creativity I have been attending weaving classes each week since they began in February, with the Guild.

Being that it was my first project, and I have only worked on it a few hours each week, I feel that I have made good progress (I finished the following piece before Easter).

As with most textile arts, it’s a much longer process than you will expect. And though it tends to be the least fun part, threading up your loom is the most tedious part.


This is a warping board, with half of my warp threads. My teacher assures me that it is much easier in the long run to do it this way with crossed threads etc etc. I have to take her word for it as she did most of the tricky threading steps for me anyway.


Once it was off the board I was ready to start threading up the loom. I could explain it to you, but instead I will show you the rusticly artsy photos of the process I took instead.


I started off with a plain tabby weave to get into the rhythm and provide an edge I could later secure.


Then started with the real pattern.


The warp (threads going up and down in the above picture) is all cotton, I think 4plyish. The weft (thread that actually gets woven and goes left to right) is similar but has a slight silky sheen and is slightly darker than the dark blue warp.

The result is probably a little over 10cm wide, and about 130cm long.

At the moment I am thinking of making a basic skirt using this as the hem. I think if I found the right fabric the heavier hem would make it move nicely.

I’m sure I have more photos somewhere, I’ll have to write-up another post showing the final piece with scale.

Twill: weave where each warp and weft thread goes under 2 then over 2, but with the intersection is staggered, creating diagonal wales.


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