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Painted weaving

This is my first piece of weaving, all finished and off the loom. As you can see I got progressively tighter as I went along, starting at a 1:1 ratio for each half pattern repeat and ending around a 1:2. Unfortunate, but I might be able to use that in whatever I end up making this into.


The looser end is a little shy of 14cm while the tighter end is about 12cm, from end to end it is 108cm. It was so great when I took it off the loom for the first time. During the weaving process I would find myself stroking the fabric or just staring at it in wonder that I had made this piece, but that whole time it was kept taught for weaving.

I found it wonderful to feel it free, its soft and very pliable, but still holds its shape. Of course the last end is stiffer as my weaving became tighter.

Toward the end of my warp I ran out of the blue weft. Instead of replacing it with the blue I had used in the warp and risking a subtle yet still probably noticeable difference I opted for a complete change. So for the last 23cm I changed to a green weft.


I would change direction of the pattern sporadically, though I feel that the pattern is less obvious in this piece as it is predominantly against the more similar pink and green. At first I thought I liked this more than the blue weft, though I realised this may just be because it was a change from what I had been looking at for weeks prior.

As it is currently exam period I am of course finding lots of opportunities for more textile arts. Dont worry, its not all procrastination, I’ve been listening to old lectures while spinning or knitting, it stops my hands from becoming bored and doing even more distracting things like cooking, cleaning, texting friends or anything besides study.


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