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The most knitted cardigan

I thought it was time to update my progress on my big knitting project, but after it not appearing in my ‘knitting’ category, I realised I should probably tell you about it instead.

Almost 3 years I bought the following amazing woolen jumper at a local market. It cost me $18 (if memory serves) which is a bargain for the amount of wool it contains.


It was big enough to fit two of me in there, except for the collar, which was oddly small.

I undid it, to form copious balls of blue-purple yarn flecked with yellow, blue, red and white slubs, with plans to make a top down knitted jumper. As the name suggests, the garment is knitted from the shoulder seams down, removing the need for sewing seams later on. It also means you can knit it down until it reaches the desired length.

The green are some test stitches, the purple is obviously this wool up close.


This is what it looked like after it was long enough to be decent for photos.




Looks pretty cute right?

It also has a cabled braid running down each side, where a seam would normally go:


I finished the jumper over the next year, with plans to possibly un-knit the waistband and continue it into a dress.

What follows is the worst photo shoot I’ve ever done, I apologise as you’ll still have no idea what it looked like at this stage after seeing the photos.

DSCF6823 DSCF6814

Too late. A few months ago I undid the waistband and began to knit a skirt, increasing a stitch every two rows along 4 points, hoping to give it a nice ‘skater’ skirt shape. Much more recently I was sick and decided to do some more of it with my spare time. I put the dress on to gauge my progress and realised that I didn’t like this at all.

Something I had spent hours on over years, and I didn’t like it. This was a garment I wanted to get a lot of use from.


But being sick I wasn’t too quick to trust my illness addled mind, so I left it a few days, and asked a couple of friends. We agreed I should start again, especially as I already had a new pattern in mind:


Of course not being a standard 8 ply wool, there would still be alterations to the pattern, but I think it will be worth it.

There were a few things I had been wanting in this piece:

– cardigan

– rolled up cuffs (not sure why, I just like them)

– a nice texture (though initially I had been hoping to find something that was covered in cables to make it more interesting to knit)

– though I don’t have anything with a shawl collar (and don’t know if they suit me) I was interested to try it

So far I have done a sleeve and a half, and started the waistband a few times (like I said, it will take some alteration to get the right size with this wool).


Years ago, before I was so much into knitting, I would hate the idea of undoing even a row of work to fix a mistake, thinking it was a waste of time. My Mother would tsk at me, telling me that if you are going to spend hours on a project it is worth a little extra time to go back and fix that mistake. Thanks Mum, of course you were right.



One thought on “The most knitted cardigan

  1. Of course! (With age comes wisdom – if you’re lucky.) You were right too though – you do look pretty cute in the photos with the beginnings of your first re-knit. Good luck with the next reincarnation, I’m looking forward to a follow up post with updated photos.

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