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My first spinning

As you already know I started weaving earlier this year. The combination of seeing other people’s spinning, as well as a shop stocked full of lovely un-spun wool peaked my interest in doing spinning myself. Not having the space or funds to buy a free-standing spindle, I bought a drop spindle, which looks like a poorly proportioned spinning top.

To start I bought some relatively inexpensive natural brown wool. It was easy enough and I quickly got into a good rhythm. Next, because I have poor self-control when it comes to pretty things, I bought some beautiful multicoloured merino/silk in varying shades of purple to blue.


As you can see it spins up gorgeously, not just mashing the colours together, but keeping the colours nicely defined. By now I was able to produce finer yarn, which was good because I intended to spin the two together and I only had 100g of the purple to the 250g of brown. My intention was to brighten the brown with the purple.


Above is before they were plied together, below is after.


As expected I had more brown left un-plied than purple, which I just plied with itself.

The yarn balls have sat unused with my wool stash for a few months. Lately I’ve been on a crafty rampage to organise my room, getting ready to move in a months time. I also recently joined Pinterest, knowing that during holidays was the safest time to do this, when I had time to be taken away by inspiration.

So I made an open crochet shopping bag. It is based on a hexagonal centre, with each row increasing and radiating out.


You can see that the yarn I started with was also the first part that I had spun, where the brown thread is much thicker and less regular. I think it works quite well in this case, shading the bag and giving the radial pattern more definition.

I did finish all the yarn once and found that the opening was much too large and structureless, so I undid it back to where my increasing stopped and did the sides again.


Then I used the brown yarn to make handles and reinforce the top.


I realise wool is not the best medium to use for such a bag, especially if it gets wet which might cause it to swell and smell, but I didn’t want my first spinning to go unused, and there aren’t many projects that I would make that would use such a small amount of such irregular yarn.

I’m imagining using it when I go to markets, being hand-made and bohemian style. I’m interested to see how it goes when its full or carrying a lot of weight.


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