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Fabric boxes

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been trying to organise my room. Over the past few years I have been accumulating cardboard boxes. Just normal ones I get packages in the mail in, brown, with tape and labels on them. My aim was to make these look nicer while still being used for general storage. They usually hold things like stationary, fabric or my medical supplies.

Paper would work, but I felt that it would wear on the corners and bottom quickly, so I used fabric instead.

3 boxes in and I’ve got it down to a good system, using rulers, pins and most of all bulldog clips while I work.


The first one I made is the mottled floral one you can see on top.

I hand stitched along all the edges with a thick cotton. This took a long time, as well as a lot of patience and force to get the needle through the cardboard and up to 5 layers of fabric on the corners.


So I cheated a little on the second one I did. I usually abhor using things like staples or glue with fabric, but felt it was justified. Even if the staples broke a thread the fabric wouldn’t unravel because it is woven. It saves so much time. I’m not likely to want to reuse the fabric, even if it doesn’t get damaged. Sure the staples have a hard time going through the thick sections and can’t be so precisely placed, but it saves so much time.

Inside and outside of the stapled box:

IMG_20141229_165130 IMG_20141229_165138

I’ve also done a couple smaller boxes, using paper instead of fabric. I have lots of various nice paper that aren’t enough to cover a large box, but are perfect for smaller boxes, that can then be sealed with clear duct tape so they don’t wear so quickly.

Below is one I made from lots of small diamonds I had cut from magazines for another project. I still have left over diamonds after covering this box.


I glued them on, radiating from one corner and overlapping like feathers. Taping up sections as I finished them.

The box used to house 100 teabags, and it was too sturdy and nicely sized to throw away. It was thin (but stiff) card to start with, but the layers of overlapping diamonds have made it sturdier.


The next was a box my computer speakers came in. It is made from that common brown cardboard, like the stuff the initial boxes are made of. I covered it in old book pages. Initially I was going to use the pictures from the book, after adding a bit of colour (it’s a book on the theater, with drawings of costumes, plays, actors, stages and all sorts), but decided to keep it simpler.


There was another tab that slotted into the top flap, holing it down, and I regret removing it for ease of covering the box. Which is why I adding the string, to tie the box together. This box is also covered in clear tape.


These paper crafts have also led to me making folded, origami type, boxes from other nice paper I have. You might see some of these, depending on my success.

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