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Silk Squres

Years ago I was shopping with my Mother in a cute little wool store when we found shanks of silk, spun from shredded scraps of saris. Since then I have kept all my own scraps of silk from many various sewing projects with the though to make my own such yarn. Over summer I did just this (though with only a fraction of my collected silk).

My Mother (wonderful lady as you have by this point gleaned) has both a carder (for brushing raw wool) and a spinning wheel (this was my first time using an actual spinning wheel!). So I went to work during my brief stay with my parents over summer, carding and spinning with what time I had.


This is the spun silk. Next was to ply it with other yarn. My choices were to ply it with itself, with a thin yarn that would be barely visible, or a yarn that would be more obvious in colour and thickness. I opted for the last choice.

After deliberation I went with an orange, it was going to be either that or blue, which I decided was too safe and normal, so I went for warm orange that would brighten it more.


Since getting home I decided to knit it into a cushion cover. I didn’t want anything that would get too much wear and pull out all the weakly spun threads, and like the bag in the previous post I didn’t want it to sit unused.

Again like the bag I wanted to try something new, so I set out experimenting new knitting/crochet patterns to make interesting textures. Below is the result.


Funnily enough these were the only two I tried, the right I used for the bag, the left for the cushion.

Increasing one stitch each row creates a nice corner, which I have seen used to great effect in other projects.


Above are the two patterns I am using, one for each side. using two strands of the orange cotton to start off the pattern. Making it easier to get into rhythm, and hopefully accentuating the pattern.


Above is a single corner using garter stitch, I increase 2 stitches on ever 2nd row so I can keep one stitch in the middle, keeping it regular.

I was hoping that the stitching would show up a bit more textured like in the sketches above, making it more stripy, but alas no.


But that’s ok. They still look great, have a nice drape and feel lovely and soft.

The other is with stocking stitch, using the same increasing pattern, but over 4 corners. The stocking stitch makes the increasing easier to read, and means I don’t have to count all the stitches on every increase row to find my place.


I just have the last of 4 balls of yarn left, but it is the biggest, so hopefully its enough to fit a 50x50cm cushion. I was already thinking of bordering the whole cushion in the orange, so if not I’ll just make the border thicker to fit.


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