Painting · Recycled

Revamping shelves

2 years ago I bought this cupboard from the tip shop. At the time It was covered in awful plastic fake stained wood. I quickly removed that and decided to cover it with book pages, and paint the more fiddly doors black.




It stayed that way for almost 2 years, more out of laziness than any aesthetic appeal. A couple months ago I finally decided it needed a change.

I bought some board to make shelves out of, and salvaged some paint. Its taken a few weeks to paint, but it’s finally done. Originally the plan was to do some interesting painted pattern or texture, but my desire to get it finished was stronger. I also feel that I try to make too many of my projects more interesting with patterns etc, with simplicity being underrated in my mind.


The colour is burnt clay. I think I need some kind of finishing coat as anything I put on it seems to stick slightly. I’m worried that it will remove the paint if I leave anything on it too long.

I’m really enjoying having shelves in it.


Though it’s still a cheap quality piece of furniture it was a good piece to learn on. The inside is still that white plastic stuff they use to cover chipboard, but besides a wooden chair (my next painting project) it is my only piece of furniture.


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