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The most altered cardigan

As you already know my cardigan is not being knitted with the recommended wool. I knew this would lead to the need of altering the pattern somewhat, and I’ve com across what will hopefully be the biggest issue: arm holes.

I knitted one sleeve following the pattern, and thought it seemed a little shapeless.

So I designed my own. It took longer than expected, and the pattern was altered a lot along the way:


It seems I may have to re-knit both. Obviously the sleeve hole should be the same size as the hole in the body. The body hole according to the pattern is around 60 stitches. Their sleeve is 34 stitches, mine is around 52 stitches. Below is my sleeve on the left, theirs on the right, with a sleeve from a shirt of mine as an example as to what the dimensions should be.


I was thinking that I could just knit the body, then try the sleeves on it, making alterations after I’ve tried it together. Yet this leads to another problem. Because of the thickness of the fabric I am a little concerned that I wont have enough wool to do the whole piece.


I’m thinking that if this is a real problem that I will buy some more wool (hopefully in a similar hue) then use it to knit the shoulders, keeping the fabric pattern constant.



On the flip side, if I have wool remaining, I might make a single pocket.

This is the fabric. 4×4 rib, with a luxuriously thick honeycomb looking body.



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