Cardigan · Hand stitching · knitting · Recycled

Little stitches

These are the small projects I have been consuming time with between knitting spinning and the rest of my life

You’ve seen those brightly coloured bracelets little girls are making from those little rubber bands. While the crazy bright colours took me in, I wanted to try making something different with them. So I dug out my old clown spool (below) and made roughly 6 metres of rubbery rope.



It was only then that I decided to Google it and found that a lot of other people have had the same idea. Ah well. Originally I was going to make a shopping bag from it, but now I’m thinking some kind of decorative bowl.


I embellished this shirt for the end of exams party we had. I downloaded American Typewriter (the font used on the ‘I ❤ NY’ shirts) traced it off then blanket stitched it all onto the shirt.

Since making and wearing it I remember how much I like raglan sleeves and am thinking my next big knitting project might have to include raglan sleeves.


I’ve had this shirt for many years, and though I didn’t wear it often, I kept it because I like the fabric so much. In a push to streamline my wardrobe I gave it a makeover, turning it into a singlet by cutting off the sleeves, lowering the neckline and hand-stitching the seams. I chose a matching thread, and a leafy looking stitch to go with the leafy pattern on the fabric.


Lastly a project I began over summer. This is an oversized thick woolen cardigan I got from an op shop for an insane $2. I did a few sketches and settled on this styalised eucalypt tree made from scraps of embroidery wool. The leaves and roots ignore seams and creep onto the front in a few places, but not very far. I brutally put it through the washer and dryer, in an effort to felt it a little, and if it shrank a bit too then it wouldn’t be a bad thing.


In the future I might add to the tree more. Maybe put some more shading on the crown, or extend the leaves more. Looking at this picture I feel that the roots seem a bit large compared to the leafy area. Though I’ve never thought that just looking at the cardigan, maybe its just the angle.


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