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Re-knitted, re-vamped

In an attempt to streamline and improve my wardrobe, I have picked out knitted jumpers I own but don’t wear, and am planning to re-knit them into something I will.

One such example is a jumper I knitted years ago from a fabulous book called Top-down Knitting. Unfortunately my skills, knowledge and patience weren’t where they are today. Though I have worn it a few times, the jumper is ill fitting, too short, and I think a bit too drab.

Apologies for the bad photography:


I altered the colour in the following photo to better show the pattern around the waist and cuffs. The true colour is somewhere between the above and below photos.


I played with the idea of doing something lacy, trying out a couple of ideas:


But then I found this pattern:



Which knits up something like this (though not blocked yet, which will make the pattern sit a bit nicer).



However, I wanted to make this jumper something I would actually wear, so I wanted to give it a bit of colour. I bought some hand dyed alpaca yarn from a local spinner, which I thought looked more orange when I bought it, but now seems to look more pink.

I’m planning to do a couple rows of it between the cuff and sleeves, as well as the collar and body. But to stop it looking like a school jumper I wanted to add some colour elsewhere too.

I originally planned to do a couple chevrons around the left upper arm.


After some more thought, and a bit of brainstorming with Mum we came up with the idea of doing diamonds (to match the diamonds in the lace of the body) up the whole length of the raglan sleeve. The first ones I tried didn’t quite sit right, not having done much fairisle before I found it hard to get the tension of the back thread correct.

I almost scrapped the whole idea, when Mum suggested doing a stitch in each colour to give more of a diffused diamond.

So happy.


Thus far I have done the back piece and started a sleeve. Progress reports will be posted.


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