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I really like triangles. They are such a solid shape, but can still be of all kinds of dimensions and sizes. Mostly though I like equilateral triangles, and recently I decided I need more of them in my life. So I dove into my unreasonably large collection of paperclips and chose a few of my favourite sewing cottons.


Yep, just paperclips and cotton. After a few trials I even eliminated the need for glue.


I think it would be a bit better with some weight to keep it sitting nicely, I might hang a simple glass bead from the bottom corner.


Was that enough though? No. I’m also a big fan of chevrons. So I grabbed another handful of paperclips and went to work.


Look at this! I have a whole rainbow of cotton. And this is only around half of my cottons.


This is how I’ve seen as many TV shows as I have.


This one also has a bit of a weight problem, I could add beads, but I’ll give it a full trial day first.

I would show you a photo of the whole necklace, but as is hinted in this photo it would also show off my farmers tan, which I’m not comfortable with.


While I was in this trianglular mood I did a bit of sewing while I was at it on the back shoulder of a plain black hoodie of mine.


I took extra time to plan it out and get all the triangles nice and matched up.


It’s probably way too subtle for anyone to notice, but that’s ok, it’s all learning.


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