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A wash of colour

For a while now I’ve been itching to do some dying, I’ve had a few things in my stash waiting for a makeover, and I recently bought a knitted vest that was dying to be undone and re-knitted, but I thought I could add a bit more to it first.

A couple of years back I bought a bright pink jumper for $5 at a market. It’s pretty shapeless, but the yarn isn’t too fine to be arduous to knit, and it had an intriguing sheen to it. It felt and acted like cotton, but one side looked more like a nice silk.


This is the jumper in amongst the un-knitted vest. I had chosen a violet dye. In an attempt to tame the bright pink and add a bit of texture to the yarn by not fully submerging each clump into the dye.



This is both of them in the dye, as you can see the jumper has a pink fluff on it that did not dye, possibly indicating the presence of synthetics in the yarn. Since being rinsed and drying, the colour has barely changed. The bright pink fluff has made it unwearable, but increased my desire to knit it into something else because I like the new colour so much.




After those were pulled out I still had a fair amount of liquid left, and I was loath to waste it. So I pulled out this shirt that my grandmother made countless years ago. It used to be pure white (thus it was very rare for me to wear it) but with small blue birds you can still see scattered all over it. I didn’t stir the shirt overly while it was in the bucket, but it has resulted in a smooth gradient of blues, a nice environment for the birds.

I believe that it is more blue than purple because it was the end of the dye lot. When I put the shirt in I also added a small bundle of (maybe 3ply) white cotton, just for the fun of it. This also turned out a lovely blue colour, again not all the same colour. But I can buy monotone cotton, what’s the point of making my own things if I cant make them a bit interesting?

Of course both these were originally white rather than pink or purple, so the resulting blue may also be due to that.




A portion of this cotton is now wrapped around my ankle in the form of a woven anklet.




This is the resulting yarn with a small bundle of the original colour. I’ll be interested to see how the varying colour knits up, but for the time being it has just been added to the rest of my stash awaiting my inclination (but mostly free time).


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