Jumper · knitting · Pattern · Recycled

Re-knitted re-novated

When I said I will give you progress reports on my brown jumper, I obviously lied.

Instead I was busy with life and other things to post about. So here it is, my brown jumper all done!


Now let’s back track a little. Just in case you cant remember, here is an old photo I dug up of the jumper after the first time I knitted it:


Everything since my last report went nicely to plan, I blocked the pieces, sewed them together, then knitted the collar. As you can see, the first time was a little tight, and wouldn’t’ve sat together nicely once it was sewn up.


I also thought that the collar went out too far at the shoulder:




So I re-knitted the collar and remedied both these problems. Here is a nice picture displaying the diamond detail down the arms. Even once I had committed to the orange I was a little apprehensive as to how it would look when complete, but I am very happy with the added detail.




The body is more roomy than I would’ve liked, but its better than being too tight. Otherwise I like everything about the jumper, the colours and shape make it easy to layer, and it’s a good mid-weight woolen jumper.


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