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Fish around my wrist

For Christmas my sister bought me some sewing supplies. As you may be aware, I do not presently have access to a sewing machine, but it seemed like such a waste to let the woven trim she used as a ribbon to wrap my present, to lie with my other ribbons, unappreciated.

Here is the back and front of the trim, alongside my finished product.


So the other night I thought about a way that I could wear the trim more often than if it were sewn onto a piece of clothing.

I rummaged through my collection of odds and ends, experimenting with a few ideas.

My first thought was to make a necklace, a few stitches at the front to give it shape, and a glass bead or two hanging from the tip, with a simple clasp at the back.

Then I thought of a bracelet, backing the trim with some nice ribbon to keep it looking neat.

IMG_20150819_114035558 IMG_20150819_114040702

Then I thought, why should I be so limited? Why not make it more interesting? And somewhere from that thought came the idea of encasing a shoelace in the trim, and giving it some more dimension:


I’ve been a little in love with tassels of late, and have been trying to find ways of adding more into my life. This was a perfect excuse to add a bit more flair and interest to the bracelet.


Thanks sis!


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