Superbly Venturous Sweater Vest

For the past few months I have been working on my first Fair Isle project. A sweater vest for my wonderfully sartorial housemate. Thank you to Patons for the perfect pattern.

Fairisle waistcoat Will

We picked out the colours together. He already has one sweater vest, a textured grey one that belonged to his grandfather, so we decided to give this one (more than) a little colour.


Pretty dapper right?

Yes, those are foxes on his socks too.

I did a bit of experimenting, combining the colours and patterns, before we were happy with how it would turn out.


Here is the before and after photo:


The biggest challenge with Fair Isle is getting the correct tension, which took a little time to get used to. But once I got in to it, the tension became second nature.

The next challenge came when I realised that changing the colours from those in the pattern means that I use more of some colours than others, so we had to get a couple extra balls to make up for this. This was more of an inconvenience than a problem, as the wool I used was the common Spotlight brand, which they had a lot of. But something to keep in mind for future projects.


Even the inside looks amazing, and I have already started thinking about a future project that uses this side as the right side, or maybe even something that is reversible.


All in all, an amazing result, and just in time for spring.



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