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Linen stitch singlet

An update on my linen stitch singlet:

I have only a few more cm to go before I reach the underarms and will be forced to decide on a pattern for the arm holes.

My sewing basket is often just a tangle of threads that I have cut loose of my knitting, but have not yet re-balled. Even once I have neatened it up it’s still not optimal for choosing colours.


Due to this and the realisation that I probably have enough cotton for at least 2 singlets, I have taken out all the large balls of cotton and am attempting to use up as many of the smaller balls as I can.

I am starting to think that it wont be large enough to fit around my body. Which is disappointing after all the work I’ve put into it. But if you know me, you know I relish in a creative challenge. So far I have come up with a few ways of resolving this problem, but I will want to measure it before I start any serious deliberations.

My next step is to get it to the right length for the start of the arm holes, then I’ll put it all on to yarn so I can measure the width. From there I will position the arm holes and collar, and have more of a think about what I can do at the back to join the seam.

This is what the seam looks like so far:


Maybe I should just leave it looking like this and have a shirt with a mane.


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