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Getting shirty

I’ve done so much since we last talked. All the knitting is done, now its just putting it together, doing the edges, and dealing with all the ends. The last not being a small task in this project


I am beyond happy with how the front looks, especially since this is something I came up with myself, and didn’t use a pattern for at all. I dropped the ‘shoulder’ seam down the back, so the seam between front and back now sits below the neck hole. I thought this would keep the collar a more continuous shape, and just simplify the knitting.

Here’s a picture of the short rows shaping the shoulder. The colours of the fabric hides it quite nicely.


At this point I’m thinking of keeping the arm holes and collar edges very simple, maybe sewing it the edges to neaten it up a bit. Hopefully something like the left here:


The biggest task will be what to do with the back. I need something that will join the edges, but not make it obvious that the original piece was too small.


I’m deciding between:

  • Braiding the whole thing, with the braid getting fatter, or becoming a wider weave at the bottom as more strands are introduced (con: the ends will not be held in very securely and it may end up bulky)
  • Leave it open (pro: little bit sexy, con: will probably just look like a mistake)
  • Insert another piece of fabric or knit another piece in linen st, with braids either side as the seam (con: I think this will also make it look like a mistake)
  • Friendship bracelet/macrame knotting rather than a braid (pro: has the solidness the braids wouldn’t give, and could keep it to a few strands per knot so it doesn’t get too bulky, con: the different texture may look strange)

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