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Triangle Jumper

I made a jumper!


When reunited with my overlocker I could barely wait to get back into sewing.

The main fabric is (so soft! and) from Spotlight. On a splurge I bought the rest of the roll (a little over 3 m), with the idea of making a draped cardigan of some sort. With minimal seams so I could hand sew it all, and lots of triangle detailing.

With the busy year I’ve had, of course, this never happened.

Instead I made a jumper, and have another 2.5 m of the fabric to make into something else.

I wanted to add a bit more interest than just a contrasting plain fabric, so I made the seam between the two fabrics match up with the triangles.


Which turned out to be more subtle than I had intended, and also a bit more fiddly, as the triangles are printed on a stretch fabric, and are not of a consistent size.


But hey, what a cool jumper!


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