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Static Shirt

It’s finally finished!


(Or at least, it’s in a wearable state)

Navy cotton was crochet’ed around the collar, I knotted together the top of the back seam and all remaining ends were sewn in.

I am so pleased with how the front looks. It fits really well, and the coloured stripes are doing exactly what I hoped they would: blending a little and giving a vague stripe from a distance, and looking detailed and crazy colourful up close.


I’m satisfied with the back, but not thrilled. It still doesn’t look right to me. I’m thinking that I will knit a navy panel to fill in the back. Perhaps something a bit open, but not lacey. One other option has occurred to me: sewing a large metal zip in the seam. I feel like this would give an excuse for the back to be open, though it might be cold and itchy against my skin.


Woo for patternless knitting!!



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