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Spun and woven

Now that I’m a weaver, I felt obliged to weave a scarf. Surely its the most staple item for any weaver to make.


I’ve been weaving it on Tuesday evenings for most of 2015. It took me so long to weave for two reasons:

  • It’s been a crazy busy year
  • I spun the maroon thread (weft) myself with a drop spindle

That’s right! I’m very proud of being able to spin such a fine thread, and use it in my own weaving.


The warp was threaded over four shafts, and as you can see I played around a bit with other patterns at the ends, before twisted fringing.


Unfortunately, being that I was weaving on a borrowed loom that had to be returned, it’s not as long as I would have liked.

I think it looks pretty pro, and I don’t think I’ll get many people asking me if I made it myself.



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