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Knitting needle case

One of my latest projects is an attempt to make more useful things (I have more than enough dresses) out of bits I already have (I have more than enough boxes full of fabric).

Thus a knitting needle case, rather than keeping all my needles in a cup (which doesn’t travel well).

I rummaged through my collection of scraps, wanting to use lots of bright clashing colours.

The idea was to have space on the left to hold my regular needles, with some pockets on the right to hold my circular needles (and other various bits). This would all roll up and be secured by an old satin scarf of mine (far right).


I went through my cotton yarn scraps, and knitted a couple of panels:


Then it was all sewn together and bound with more colourful scraps.


I gave it a spine so that I could attach the scarf to it, as well as neatly shortening the scarf to a more reasonable length.


I made it with two knitted panels of different patterns, one relatively dense, and the other quite open. This was so that I could put larger needles in one side without deforming the panel, and small needles in the other side without them sliding out.

The panel for the small needles is done in a fake herringbone stitch. Though slow, I would recommend as a nice looking and solid fabric to knit.


After a bit of use, the only alteration I would make is to add a flap along the top edge to stop needles from sliding out. It’s likely that I will tack one on at some point, as I have found a couple of errant needles in my car.


For the closure I had considered other methods such as button(s), elastic and velcro. But the luxurious look and feel of the satin scarf really appealed to me. Especially with the multitude of other fabrics, colours and textures included in the case.



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