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In a rage over pockets

With winter setting in, I decided it was finally time to go get some new pants. And now I have a job again I wanted to splurge a little and go for a brand a bit more expensive than I would normally buy for normal everyday clothes.

Because of my body shape I have a bit of trouble finding pants that fit, let alone that I actually like. I found one style in store and bought a couple of pairs.

Happy with my purchase, I went home, and put a pair on to go out with friends that night. I was absolutely flabbergasted to find that the front pockets are fake.

What?? FAKE!


I triple checked before I believed it. How could jeans from a shop whose main product is jeans, sell them without pockets??


Even stranger is that the pockets were there, but sewn up.


I know what you’re thinking, because I had the same thought “maybe they’re just sewn up to hold their shape while in the shop, like they do with suits”. But like me, you’d be wrong. There were 3 lines of stitching holding the pocket closed. A basting seam, and two lines of top stitching.

I couldn’t imagine having much use for pants without front pockets, and almost returned them out of rage.Then I remembered how hard it was to find jeans that fit, and seeing as the pocket lining was already there, I pulled out my sewing kit and set to it.


It was a relatively simple job. Just a few minutes with a quick unpick, then resewing the raw edges and replacing the top stitching with small hidden stitches, as I didn’t have any top stitching thread on hand.

The black pair look fine, but the dark blue pair need some more work.


Firstly I will need to get some top stitching thread so it doesn’t look so naked on the outside, maybe a different colour than tan, just for fun. Then I’ll find something like bias tape to neaten the inside, because it’s sure to sit funny with the lining showing while I’m wearing them.


The moral of the story is, always check that your pockets are real before getting too attached to any clothes, or handing over any cash.

Alternatively you should be ready to pull out your sewing kit and get sewing, fueled by your rage.


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