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Little weaving

Moving interstate and leaving my wonderful Spinners and Weavers group has left a gaping hole in my life. But Pinterest has shown me that I can weave anywhere and with anything.

I used what was on hand. Unused dyed cotton (post to come) from a previous project, my embroidery hoop, and some folded junk mail.


This attempt was not overly successful. It was hard to get the tension even across the strands, and it was generally just awkward to work with. My lack of enthusiasm is mirrored in the bad photography.

So after a trip to the op shop for a photo frame, and to the supermarket for some skewers, I threaded up again.


This time my set up was more permanent. and tying each strand individually allowed for better tension.

Here is a closer look:


I went with a simple (2-over, 2-under) weave, making random zig-zags as I went. But I always went over the first strand, and under the last strand, to avoid leaving outer warp threads unwoven, making for messy edges.

The dark blue thread ran out, so I thought I’d mix it up a little by changing to a purple weft.


When threading up, I tied the threads onto the skewers, which were in turn tied to the frame. This meant that once I had woven enough, I could more easily shift the piece around the frame and make the most of the length of the warps.


I think the end result is pretty funky.


Next I am considering making a simple bag, with the weft thread going right around, so there is no need for seams.

But don’t expect to hear about that any time soon.

Also, how exciting! This is my 100th post! It only took 5.5 years


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