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Mermaid and a peacock

Of late I have been doing an unusual balance of more drawing type things than textile crafts.

A few weeks ago I did a one night painting class, using acrylics and spray paint. It was fantastic. Everything was already prepared, and the teacher broke down each step of the process enough to make it very easy to follow. Each of us ended up with a variety of colours, shapes and styles, and it was interesting to see how we all interpreted the brief differently. Here is the progression of my painting:

Blank canvas


Acrylic and water to create the background


Fill in the base of the painting


Spray paint


Fix up the over-spray, and shade in details


I’ve also been relishing in having my 50 colour pencils back. So I made this for my friend’s birthday. The colour is a little off in a couple photos and makes the background appear pink, rather than white.

Peacock 1 Peacock 2 Peacock 3 Peacock 4






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