A break from my break

Blah blah blah, work, blah blah, too busy, blah, social life, blah blah.

You get the point.

But for the next 5 days I have no work, very minimal social plans, a list of artistic goals, and a washing basket full of various items that I plan to empty as I tick things off the following list.


The descriptions may not make sense to you, but get over yourself, you aren’t the point of this blog.

My intention is to post either at the end of each day, or (very unlikely) multiple times throughout the days to log my progress. This is in the hope that the mild (imaginary) peer pressure from my loyal fans (yes plural, I’m pretty sure (am holding out hope) that Daniel and Mum both still keep track of this blog) keep me on track. I’m very hopeful that I can polish off the list (though till a pessimist at heart).

Here is a teaser of some things that are on the list, and one that isn’t.



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