Thursday, post 1

Today was spent mostly doing repairs from the list, as well as typical life chores. This is how the list stands athe end of the day:


First to show you is a great Hawaiian shirt I found in an op shop. Originally bought for a dress up party, I’ve worn it a couple times since and even had a few positive comments on it. Unfortunately, the button holes seem to just be holes, without stitching keeping the threads in order, and I recently found a hole on the collar:



These are the first button holes I’ve hand stitched, and they vastly improved the further up the shirt I went. The busy fabric makes the button holes rather hard to see, but that probably works in my favour.


Then I did (a not great job) of weaving a patch over the hole in the collar. Again, the busy fabric is working in my favour.

For this weekend I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend. I picked it up today, but had no idea what to expect as to brand/condition of the machine.


I have worked with a very limited amount of sewing machines, but this would have to be the oldest. Luckily threading it up was essentially the same as every other machine, but the controls are not so intuitive, and the book wasn’t overly helpful. But it did mean I could change the elastic casing for a waistband in a fraction of the time hadnsewing would take.

I also dyed a few things a very vivid green. But as they are not completely finished, you will have to wait to see the results.


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