Friday, post 2

So production. Much success!

And also a failure. But first the success!

I wanted a colourful clutch that actually fit everything I wanted without it being the size of a pot plant, or made of some awful material. Such useful things are typically hard to find, so a few weeks ago I began to knit one instead.

It’s linen stitch which you may remember from my Static Shirt. It’s a firm stitch that won’t easily be pulled out of shape, and makes for more random looking, messed up stripes.

It is big enough to fit my phone, lip gloss and a few cards. Hopefully I don’t go breaking this phone anytime soon, because it’s relatively small, and this bag probably won’t fit my back up as comfortably (or at all).

I was somewhere between the 3rd and 4th photos at the start of my weekend. Since then I have knitted the flap, with a button hole, then finished off the flap edge and given it a couple funky buttons. I’m considering adding a zip along the top, a ribbon to tie my keys to, and an inside credit card pocket, but will give it a test run first.


Next, the marble dying.

There are heaps of DIYs out there that tell you how to make gorgeous marbled mugs with nail polish. I already have a plethora of cool artistic mugs that hold most of the contents of my desk, but I found some nice plain beads at the op shop I thought I could try it out with.

So I bought a luscious gem maroon/purple nail polish, filled my mug with warm water, then set off. The tutorials were right about a skin forming on the water, but this is probably what makes for such amazing marbled textures. I used skewers to more easily dip the beads in, as I thought the nail polish might make the beads stick together.

Turns out, that wouldn’t have been a problem, as the nail polish easily rubs off the beads once dry anyway. So maybe this is a project that should just be used on ceramics.



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