Sunday, post 5

The wrapping paper on the list was decorated by splashing very watered down acrylic paint at the paper while it was hanging on the line. Looking at the sparkly, swirling silver paint in the cup, I had an idea. I dipped the previously failed beads in the cup. They now have a mostly transparent silvery coating that stops the nail polish from instantly rubbing off. I’m not a huge fan of how the beads look, and won’t continue painting them in this way, but it’s a small victory.


After a few trials of other ways to decorate the hair piece and discovering that I’m really just not a diamante’ person, it’s finished!


I am very happy with how this turned out. The colours are rich, and I think it’s pretty without being too girly. A line that I usually don’t have good enough balance to walk on.


I discovered that it is very hard to take back-of-your-head selfies. So here are a few more action shots from, let’s call them, artistic angles.

Lastly for this post, an octopus that I began to embroider on a sleeve of a dress a week ago. I spun the wool after finding it at the Handspinners and Weavers Guild of South Australia. I was hoping to have a few tentacles coming out of the breast pocket of the dress too, but I don’t think the results are good enough to warrant that.

Mostly, because at a glance it just looks like a mass of orange curls. Which while not entirely bad, will make even less sense coming out of a pocket. The top left photo shows where I tried to make it look more octopusish with beads as suckers, but it just ended up adding to the decorative curlyness, rather than making it look more like an octopus.

I tried to counter this with outlining the head with another thread of wool, and relocating the top-most tantacle. But I don’t think even I would easily recognise this as an octopus when first seeing it.

As a final note, I had to vocalise my annoyance with Pinterest at being broken on my crafty weekend. Get your act together.


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