Monday, post 7

Well 23/26 isn’t too shabby.

I never started altering the green dress, I never settled on a design I was happy with.

The knitted jumper is still ongoing. Finishing the sleeve as well as everything else on the list this weekend was unrealistic.

But the skirt, I did make decent progress on. Rather than the green rayon, I used a bunch of fabrics that mostly came from op shops. It is an A-line wrap skirt, I have used this pattern a few times before, but never for myself. I was going for a colourful fun skirt, and am still considering adding lots of trims/decoration to go for a more bohemian look. Here are all the pieces laid out before I started sewing.


And here it is as it stands now. Replete with 3 mostly hidden pockets. All that remains is the hem, waistband, and whatever extra decoration I choose.


That’s right. Tropical fish and spacemen on the same skirt. Wild stuff.

You may remember the following shirt from another dyeing post last year. It’s one that my grandmother made. It was originally white with the little blue birds. But I wanted to make it a blotchy blue, more sky-like. I gave it a similar treatment last year, but apparently didn’t set they dye correctly.


The lack of owning an iron is evident from the above photo.

I achieved the uneven colour by scrunching up the shirt while dry and putting it on top of the other yarn that was being dyed, so that parts of the shirt was in the dye, but the top was still dry. This way the fabric would soak up the colour unevenly.

And finally the main reason for the blue (and purple) dye lots I did this weekend:

This is another op shop find. A nice basic jumper, but a luxurious 3% cashmere, 3% wool and 97% cotton


I unraveled it, wrapping the sleeve threads together, and the front and back body threads together. Rather than making a nice-looking, open ball, I went for a tighter round ball. This would mean that when put in the dye bucket, the dye would permeate through the outer layers, but not reach the centre of the ball.

The photos below show how it looked as I unwrapped each ball (going from left to right). You can see that I have already removed a few strands in the left photo, revealing the pink, and it gets gradually more pink, until only a few splodges of blue remain.

Here are the results of each ball (sleeves, body, collar, and scraps). I did purple first, then re-wrapped each thread into another ball so that the purple was in the middle of the ball, and re-dyed it with blue.


The result has more pink than I would have liked, but I am very excited to knit the balls up and see how the transition between colours will turn out.


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