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A rainbow with the blues

I wrote a pretty average poem for this project, but there is so much I want to talk about and a short poem just wasn’t going to encompass it.

You may remember a dying project of mine from over a year ago. Well, the subsequent knitting project is finally on its way! After many test squares trying out various stitches and patterns, I finally settled on something that would allow me to use all the colours I had, and keep flexibility in changing them up.

I am making a freestyle top-down raglan jumper. The collar is still undecided, maybe a hood, maybe just a standard collar. But the front will be buttoned down until roughly the bellybutton, where it will join and become a jumper.



Originally I was going to make a Norwegian Jumper looking pattern around the collar before going into a plain body, but I kept going with this stitch as I was enjoying the texture so much (and would like to keep that kind of collar for a very well designed future project).

Later I had the idea of doing something similar to the Norwegion collar. After splitting for the arms, I wanted to change to plain colour stocking stitch at the front, but continue the pattern in part on the back, so that it forms a triangle pointing down the back. I gave it a try, but wasn’t thrilled by it, and the patterned stitch has a different density and width to plain stocking stitch, so it didn’t sit right and puckered slightly.



I undid it and continued with my stripes.


The original pre-dyed jumper was huge on me.

But I took out the black yarn and any colours that looked terrible once dyed (yellow to green = awful), and this stitch texture is thicker than the original stocking stitch.

Because of this, a shortage of yarn loomed. Luckily I keep everything that has the slightest chance of ever being useful. So I raided my stash for similar weight yarns in blue/purples, and came up with quite a lot of options. There’s even some handspun in there.


So my knitting basket is overflowing and I’m really enjoying how the jumper is turning out so far. Stay tuned for updates!


This project has me ecstatic,

Despite the shaping being erratic,

Once a colourful creation,

Now under constant modification,

Giving my fingers a lot of static.


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