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A new years resolution to learning more

I wanted to try a new form of art,

I kept it basic for the start,

Our resin still in their moulds

The resin is used cold,

Just mix and pour it in the mould,

The results of our first experiments

The bubbles usually came out with fire,

But it didn’t work on my barbed wire,

Barbed wire ring

Some flora colours were modified,

Once the resin they were inside,

A flower in the mould, and its original colour before being put in resin

But I’m glad I gave it another try,

The flowers were much better when used dry

A dried flower smooshed into resin
Glitter on the left, and wattle flowers that had been pressed overnight

We experimented with a second litter,

This one contained a lot more glitter,

Tasty glitter! (With other things such as lentils, food dye, sugar pearls, plastic pearls, rose buds, and acrylic paint)

Despite all the failure I know much more than at the start.

Fresh grevillea flowers on the right, and (my favourite) bougianvillea petal that had been pressed over night
A dried (over cooked) lime slice covered in glitter
Flagging tape confetti ring



One thought on “A new years resolution to learning more

  1. How gorgeous! I love the colours and varieties of things used to get different effects. The possibilities are endless😃😃

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