Accessories · Nature · Non-textile · Resin · Rocks

Learning is not perfection

A conversation with a friend,

Made me realise I must amend,

That my first resin experiment,

Did not all end in merriment,


Once juicy pomegranate seeds,

Now look like white bubbly beads,



My sparkly glittery crushed rock,

Looks duller than an office block,

Before set some resin appears culinary,

Such as jam made from strawberry,

An addition of glitter is usually a blessing,

But it made this one look like salad dressing,

While in the mould I was unaware,

In the tip was hiding a pocket of air,


As for the one on the right side,

The necklace loop went askew as it dried,



Coiled maroon handspun thread,

Lacks definition and is decidedly less red,


This ring was fiddly and caused grief,

And all along there was a bubble was behind a leaf,


And finally a budding rose,

In too much glitter we did enclose.



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