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Colour me impressed

While home over summer I was rummaging through my parents wardrobe (no new purchases get past me) when I came upon this monstrosity: The fabric was a nice thick cotton weave, but all that florally pink, ugh! I had to see more! I pulled it out to find a 3/4 sleeve, nicely shaped business jacket.… Continue reading Colour me impressed

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Next I want a building made from Lego

Street art continue! This has got to be one of my favourite pieces around. Yeah, they're all Matchbox cars. The dress I am wearing below isn't one of mine, it was made by a good friend of mine who works mostly with jerseys. But I just had to get a photo in that shows off… Continue reading Next I want a building made from Lego

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Mad Hatter Steampunk Tea Party Jacket

This jacket came about from a combination of events. Firstly, long before any of the other events, I found a gorgeous green velvet hounds-tooth jacket in a vintage shop. The fabric was very nice, the jacket not quite so much. It was very shapeless (possibly from the 1950's baby boom era) and in dire disrepair.… Continue reading Mad Hatter Steampunk Tea Party Jacket