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Double knit

Once my summer holidays were almost at their end, I counted everything I had made over the past 2 or so months. The items that I made from scratch and completed in that time are: 3 hats 2 soft toys 1 beanbag cover 2 purses 5 skirts 1 pair of shorts 2 jumpers 3 jackets… Continue reading Double knit

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Goldilock’s Revenge

To give you the minimal amount of warning, this is my last strictly fashion post, others might spring up from time to time, but this will now become my I-am-living-in-a-different-state-to-most-of-my-friends-and-dont-want-to-tell-the-same-stuff-to-each-and-every-one-of-them. Anyway, back to the s. This is one I may have commenting on in passing, and uses the same pattern as the previous dress I… Continue reading Goldilock’s Revenge