Sunday, post 6

WordPress wouldn’t let me save my draft or post this last night, but I can assure you, that it was all done yesterday.


Only 4 more items to go! I’m not convinced that finishing the list is realistic, but I will try my darndest!

I still have most of a sleeve to knit on the jumper, and this knitting is very slow going. I’m thinking of changing the green skirt entirely. Still making a skirt, but using a different fabric, and saving the green until I have a better design for it.


Here is the card weaving. The method came from a book I happened upon at the library, it’s such a simple way of making woven bands when you don’t have an inkle loom. Below is a picture showing how it’s done.

IMG_20161117_192051969 (1).jpg

Essentially it relies on stiff cards with holes in them (4 in each in this case), that are threaded in such a way that when you rotate them, passing the weft from side to side (between each quarter rotation), the pattern appears. The tension is hard to keep consistent over the threads, but overall, weaving the bands is relatively easy.

Lastly, a sneak peak at the dying I did today. But you’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow for me to properly show it off, as it still needs to dry.